How to transfer a license

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There will be some instances where you need to transfer a license for a 4Team product. For example, if you want to continue using the software on a new computer from an old or defunct one. In order to do this, the 4Team product license must be transferred.

How does the license transfer process work?

To transfer a license from one computer to another, the license must first be deactivated from the old computer. Once the deactivation process is done, the license is released and you will be able to use it on your new machine. 

There are rules for this. A maximum of 3 license transfers per year are allowed and a time period of at least 3 weeks must pass between each license transfer.

How to deactivate a license?

For applications that have deactivation capability, you can deactivate the license of the application yourself. You can find How to Activate... articles in Knowledge Base for each 4Team application. For applications that do not have deactivation capability, you can request deactivation in 4Team Members Area or contact our Customer Service for assistance.

If you no longer have access to your old machine, contact our Customer Service for assistance. They will process the deactivation request if the license is valid and you will be able to use the license on your new machine.

Most importantly - make sure your license is still valid before doing the license transfer. You will not be able to activate the license on your new computer if it is expired. License validity can be checked in 4Team Members Area.

License Deactivation via 4Team Members Area

Step 1. Open up your browser and go to the 4Team Members Area page. Log in to your 4Team Members account.

Step 2. Click the My Activations option located on the left side of the page.



Step 3. Locate the license you want to deactivate and click the Request deactivation option.



Step 4. Select the number of licenses to be deactivated and select the reason for deactivation. You can also add additional comments or feedback, if you wish. Click the Submit deactivation request button. 



The deactivation request will be processed within a few moments. If there are issues with deactivation, you will be contacted via email (up to 1 business day).

Can the same license be activated on a new computer without deactivating it on the old one?

No. A single 4Team Application license is meant to be used on a single Windows Computer/Windows User. If you try to activate it on another computer, you will get an activation failure error.

If you want to use the application on both computers, you will need a license for each machine.

Getting help via Live Help Chat

Each individual 4Team product website has different options available for you to get in touch with our technical support operators. This may appear as either Start Live Chat,
LET'S CHAT, or the Chat widget. We will assist you remotely by investigating the activation or license transfer issue. We can also provide more assistance if you have any other
questions regarding the software.




  • Always use the latest activation codes to activate your application after transfer.
  • Make sure to deactivate the application before a Windows reinstall or if you are moving the license to another machine.
  • Ensure your license is still valid.

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