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How to Restore Google Calendar events from Trash/Bin

Google has introduced a great functionality that allows you to restore calendar events after they were deleted. If you have accidentally deleted Google Calendar events, you can restore them from the Trash/Bin folder. Google keeps a record of your deleted calendar events from the last 30 days. To learn how to restore Google Contacts from Trash/Bin, please follow the How to Restore Google Contacts from Trash/Bin article.

Retrieve deleted calendar events from the trash/bin by following these steps:

Step 1. Open your browser and go to www.google.com/calendar. Login to your Google account if necessary. 

Step 2. On the top right corner of the Google Contacts page, click on the Gear button and select the Bin option.



Step 3. Inside the Bin window, you will see all the calendar events that were deleted over the last 30 days. Deleted events are organized by deletion date and are available to be restored from each calendar you have in Google.



Step 4. You can select all calendar events inside a particular calendar to be restored or select specific ones. To select all events, click the top checkbox.



Step 5. Once the selection is made, click the Restore all selected button and the deleted events will be returned to your Google Calendar.



Depending on how many events you are trying to restore, the process may take a while so have patience and wait for the process to fully complete. Refresh your Google Calendar page once the restoration is finished.


  • Keep in mind that Google only stores the last 30 days of deleted calendar events. If a calendar event was deleted more than a month ago, unfortunately, you will be unable to recover it.
  • Make sure you periodically back up your calendars by exporting them. Learn how to export Google Calendars by following the How to Export Google Calendar(s) article.

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