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How to Generate an App-Specific Password for iCloud

When trying to add your iCloud account to 4Team products like Sync2 Cloud, SyncGene, or vCard Wizard using your regular iCloud password, you may receive an error message that the password is incorrect or requires an app-specific password.

What is an App-Specific Password?

App-specific passwords add an extra layer of security to your iCloud account. They allow you to sign in to your account and securely access information stored in iCloud from a third-party app. App-specific passwords maintain a high level of security and help ensure that your iCloud account password won’t be collected or stored by any third-party apps you use.

How to Generate an App-Specific Password?

Step 1. Open your browser, visit the apple id webpage, and login into your iCloud account using your regular apple id and password.



Step 2. A six-digit verification code will be sent to your mobile device. This is your Two-Factor Authentication key. Enter this code on the web page and you will be logged in to your iCloud account. 



Step 3. In the Security section, you will see the option for APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS.



Step 4. Click Generate Password... option, input the name of the application you are generating the password for, and click Create.



Step 5. An additional popup may appear asking to confirm your iCloud account password.



Step 6. Once the iCloud password is confirmed, an app-specific password key will be generated - copy this code.



Step 7. Finally, use the generated app-password key instead of your regular password, in the application where you have added your iCloud account.

Contact Support about generating an App-Specific Password for iCloud