How to find Activation Code

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Most 4Team applications require a license which can be purchased by following the 4Team Products buying guide. After a license is purchased, two emails are sent out to the recipient's email address. One with an invoice for the purchase and an activation email containing the activation code.

How to find the Activation Code in your Inbox/Spam?

The first thing that needs to be checked is your Inbox. After the purchase is made, two emails should arrive momentarily. Make sure to also check the Promotions section if you are a Gmail user.



However, if you cannot see the two emails in your Inbox or do not see them at all, be sure to also check the Spam/Junk folder. More often than not, these emails can be misdirected to the Spam or Junk folders instead of your Inbox.



Once the activation email is found, open it and copy the Activation code.



How to find the Activation Code in the 4Team Members area

Step 1. Open up your browser and go to the 4Team Members Area page. Log in to your 4Team Members account.

Step 2. Click the My Activations option located at the left side of the page.  



Step 3. On the My Activations page, you will find your activation keys.



Keep your activation codes safe

Make sure to save all your 4Team related keys and expiration dates. Keep these safe and easily accessible in case you ever need to find your activation code again - especially for reactivation. Print these and store them in a filing system, if you have one. Alternatively, use a password manager application and store these on your password keychain. 

Tips about Activation Code:

  • If you cannot find your invoice/activation emails in your Inbox after purchase, check your Spam folders to see if any emails were misdirected there instead.
  • Ensure that a stable internet connection is available when trying to activate or deactivate the product.
  • Make sure not to leave any spaces before or after the activation key when entering the activation key.
  • The activation code is the same as the invoice/Order ID number.
  • If you get an error when trying to activate/deactivate the product, please contact us via Live Help, email, or phone.

Contact Support about Activation Code

Notes about Activation Code:

Product Activation is an anti-piracy technology designed to verify that software products have been legitimately licensed. It is quick, simple, and helps protect customer privacy.

Product Activation works by verifying that a software activation code, which you must use in order to activate the product, has not been used on more personal computers than intended by the software's license.

Please be aware that your Activation (License) Code is linked to your computer. This means that the program cannot be installed on multiple computers with the same license - one unique license is required per computer.

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