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How To activate Duplicate Killer

To activate the Duplicate Killer Trial version into the Full version, a license must be acquired first. Please follow the Product purchase guide if you want to learn how to purchase a license. After a license is purchased, you will receive an email with an activation key. This is the same as your Order ID number and will look like this: 105XXXXXXXX408. Please follow the How to find Activation Code article if you want to learn how to find your activation key.

Activate Duplicate Killer by following these steps:

Step 1. Launch the Outlook application and click on the Duplicate Killer tab in the main Outlook ribbon. In the Duplicate Killer tab, click Activate.



Step 2. Input your activation key into the Online Activation dialog and click Next.



Duplicate Killer Deactivation Procedure

To deactivate Duplicate Killer, please contact Customer Service Live Help Chat, email, or by phone. Contact information is listed at the end of this article.

Duplicate Killer Deactivation via 4Team Members Area

Open up your browser and go to the 4Team Members Area page. Log in to your 4Team Members account.

Step 1. Click the My Activations option located at the left side of the page.



Step 2. Locate the license you want to deactivate and click the Request deactivation option.



Step 3. Select the number of licenses to be deactivated and select the reason for deactivation. You can also add additional comments or feedback, if you wish. Click the Submit deactivation request button.



The deactivation request will be processed within a few moments. If there are any issues with deactivation, you will be contacted via email (up to 1 business day).

Duplicate Killer Activation: License Upgrade  

If the same computer is used where the original license was activated, the system will detect a license upgrade (renewal) purchase automatically and manual software reactivation will not be required. 

If it is a new computer, please check the above steps for the new license activation/reactivation section. 

Duplicate Killer Activation Tips:

  • If you cannot find your invoice/activation emails in your Inbox after purchase, check your Spam folders to see if any emails were misdirected there instead. If they have not arrived, please contact our Live Help chat and our operators will give you your license key.
  • Ensure that a stable internet connection is available when trying to activate or deactivate the product.
  • Make sure not to leave any spaces before or after the activation key when entering the activation key.
  • If you want to transfer a license from one working machine to the other, please contact us via customer service Live Help chat, email, or phone.
  • If you tried to install Duplicate Killer but Duplicate Remover was installed instead, this means you are using 64-bit Outlook which Duplicate Killer does not support.
  • If you get an error when trying to activate the product, please contact us via customer service Live Help chat, email, or phone.

Contact Support about Duplicate Killer Activation

Notes about Duplicate Killer Activation:

Product Activation is an anti-piracy technology designed to verify that software products have been legitimately licensed. It is quick, simple, and helps protect customer privacy.

Product Activation works by verifying that a software activation code, which you must use in order to activate the product, has not been used on more personal computers than intended by the software's license.

Please be aware that your Activation (License) Code is linked to your computer. This means that the program cannot be installed on multiple computers with the same license - one unique license is required per computer.